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O2Micro® develops and markets high performance integrated circuits for power management, and power saving applications for the computer, consumer, industrial, automotive and communications markets. Our integrated circuits use mixed signal designs, which combine analog and digital circuits within the same device. We focus our product design efforts on integrated circuits for high growth products in the computer, consumer, industrial, automotive and communications markets. Products in these markets include notebook, ultra mobile and tablet computers, smart phones, power tools, electric vehicles, general lighting and liquid crystal display products. Our products enable manufacturers to build devices that run longer on battery power and are smaller, lighter or less expensive than most devices based on existing conventional designs. Our systems level expertise, proprietary design methodologies and extensive experience with power management systems for mobile computing devices allow us to develop products quickly so that our customers can achieve rapid time-to-market with new devices. Our products are used in electronic devices currently sold by the world´s leading electronics manufacturers...More